PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites.
PHP is the widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP. PHP is perfectly suited for Web development and can be embedded directly into the HTML code.
The PHP syntax is very similar to Perl and C. PHP is often used together with Apache (web server) on various operating systems. It also supports ISAPI and can be used with Microsoft's IIS on Windows.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Make It Easy With PHP Website

This is because you need an array of tools to get the job completed; then maintaining them can be a real headache if you lack on the expertise on technical sides. And finally you need to make sure that it has been built right; otherwise you have to begin from the scratch once again.

Sounds an exorbitant task---isn’t it? Not exactly, if you know the right tricks and the trick lies in creating a PHP supported website.

Let’s explain in details why PHP website should be your option.

Pick a sneak into the cyber world and you will find the websites that are making big are all dynamic in character. As opposed to the ordinary websites that flash up just the plain pages on request of the browsers, a PHP website allows many more functions.

PHP is actually a server-side scripting language that can play the role of ‘plugin’ for your web server. A PHP how to clean upholstery website acts smarter by retrieving from a database the latest information, which then will be added to the web page and finally this updated information will reach to the browser that requested it.

Retrieving information from database is a basic characteristic feature of PHP and to maintain the database you need a relational database management system, or RDBMS like MSQL. This software package is particularly good at organization and upholstery cleaning milwaukee of large amounts of information. It is also compatible with other databases like MySQL, Informix, Oracle and many others. Now access to database for information becomes easier when your website use PHP scripting languages.

PHP as an open source code runs on just about every platform including most UNIX, Macs and Windows versions. Being a server side technology, it doesn’t require the user to have any special browser or plug-ins for PHP execution.

Above all, PHP websites are fast, secure and stable. PHP as a scripting language can be easily integrated with various software programs.

So, if you are planning to create dynamic web pages, you must consider PHP websites. This will make possible all sorts of interaction with the users who in turn contribute to customized information to your site.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Microsoft makes pledges to support Apache, PHP, Ruby

I was surprised to hear of Microsoft’s decision to become a platinum sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation, announced at OSCON late last week.

It wasn’t the only announcement. The Redmond, Wash based Windows giant also shared that it would make a contribution to the PHP community’s ADOdb project — which will expand support for Microsoft SQL Server. This will enable customers to deploy more PHP applications on Microsoft’s database.

What else? Microsoft pledged to extend its Open Specification promise to open up more than 150 additional protocols in Windows Server, the .NET framework and other products.

Microsoft also announced a series of IronRuby updates. These include plans to ship the Ruby libraries implemented in the Ruby programming language with the IronRuby distribution and participate in the RubySpec project.

It’s not clear if Microsoft would have taken these steps if chairman and co-founder Bill Gates was still around. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that Microsoft’s increasing participation in such projects is a big win for the open source community and for its customers.

Paula Rooney is a Boston-based writer who has followed the tech industry for almost two decades. See her full profile and disclosure of her industry affiliations.